Derivatives are contracts that derive their value from the performance of underlying assets. PASHA Bank offers derivatives for bonds and currencies. We provide the following financial instruments: Forwards, SWAPs, Options.


Forward contract is an obligation to purchase or sell currency or some other assets at an agreed-upon price in the future. For instance, through the use of Currency Forward Contracts client can lock in favorable exchange rate at a given date while settling the contract at some point in the future.


SWAP contract enables the parties to exchange one type of asset or a revenue stream for the other depending on the unique circumstances. For instance, interest-rate SWAP contract might stipulate that a party holding a security with fixed return to receive a variable return on another security, provided holder of the variable return security has entered other side of the contract.


Purchasing an option contract allows the client to buy or sell underlying securities or other assets at some point in the future at a price determined today. Buyer or Seller is thus assured that no negative market movements will affect their securities’ position in terms of adverse price changes for the underlying assets.